An archived file can be accessed and worked with in the same manner as any other file stored in Document. To archive a file, do the following: Locate the file in Document CentralThe main window where most Document tasks originate. Document Central contains several tabs that display lists of files, file groups, discussions, tasks, and recent entities. Use the navigation panel to locate the file by entity. Locate and select the entity the file belongs to on the navigation panel.

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If you use Document and Scan together, you can scan paper documents, convert the scans into PDF files, and then upload the new files to Document as part of a streamlined workflow. The steps needed to make this workflow possible are as follows: Configure Document to detect when new PDFs are added to the routing queue.

You can set up Document to "watch" for new scanned documents that are added to folders that you specify. Then, through the routing queue, you specify where files should be added to Document. There are two routing queues you can use: The common routing queue runs as a service on your server.

Once it is started, it can be configured and managed in Administration Manager. You should set up this routing queue if the staff members who perform your scanning do not have access to Document. Instead, the scanned files are displayed in an Administration Manager list. The client-side routing queue is installed, configured, and run from individual workstations. Both of these routing queue types can be used at the same time. Use the Document Add Files window to generate routing sheets for the paper documents that you will process with Scan.

Although you can generate routing sheets in Scan, only routing sheets created in Document contain the information that Document needs to automatically upload files to the correct location in Document. Use Scan to scan and process the original documents. The routing sheets generated from Document should be scanned along with the documents themselves. Scan should be configured to deposit completed PDFs to one of the folders selected when you configured the routing queue.

When Document detects a new file, it will use the routing sheet information to automatically upload the file to Document without any further interaction from you. However, the system will ask you to confirm that you want to upload the file. If you say "yes," you must enter location and metadata information on the Add Files window before the upload will complete. See the Scan Help for more information about setting up Scan. If needed, monitor the progress of uploads in the Routing Queue window.

See Managing Files in the Routing Queue for information about uploading files from the routing queue. All rights reserved.


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