These short minute talks focus on the creative process in fine art photography. LensWork editor Brooks Jensen side-steps techno-talk and artspeak to offer a stimulating mix of ideas, experience, and observations from his 35 years as a fine art photographer, writer, and publisher. Topics include a wide range of subjects from finding subject matter to presenting your work and building an audience. LensWork has subscribers in over 73 countries. There are suddenly lots of suggestions about how to photograph something at home while we are quarantined during this pandemic of Why do we have to make it an unusual project?

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Full Access Members have access to the literally terabytes of content below! Member Favorites… with new additions daily and weekly! Usually just a minute or so. Always about photography and the art life. All previous episodes are available for streaming or downloading only to Full Access members of LensWork Online.

Brooks started his "audio blog" in February of Six months later, Apple introduced the iPod and "podcasting" was born. Brooks has been podcasting before podcasting was podcasting! Finding the Picture Brooks is often asked, "How do you find things to photograph? What should I photograph next?

Looking at Images audio commentaries Based on our best-selling book Looking at Images but with all new images not included in the book!

Like the book, these online Looking at Images Commentaries are a study aid — an engaging look at images as a platform to think about photography and the creative process. But workshops can be expensive. These downloadable PDF versions will ensure that you have access to all these terrific projects and images long after we no longer have inventory of the printed version — especially exciting news for new members of the LensWork community!

Photography, Not Cameras Informal "Fireside Chat" Videos with Brooks Jensen In these more extensive videos, Brooks presents an informal and extemporaneous discussion of a wide variety of topics. Casual, fun, and intended to stimulate thought and creativity.

Different than our podcasts or Creative Labs, PNC videos are like attending a live workshop without the travel or the expense! Creative Labs Some topics are vitally important, but simply do not require a full workshop.

These programs are typically shorter than full workshops, explore a wide variety of topics, and are presented in their entirety at no additional cost as a LensWork Online membership benefit.

Creative Labs are mostly technical in nature and center on software like Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and others. Be sure to check out our free Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign templates link below. Workshops, Seminars, and Recorded Talks We are big fans of the training available at lynda. Each year, we have room for only fifty 6-image projects and quite a challenge selecting them from the thousands of entries! In this series of audio commentaries, Brooks discusses the aspects of each project that propelled it to the elite group to be published.

A great resource supplement for those who have the book and want to use it as a further learning tool for their own 6-image projects!

All of these interviews are now available here. After the Interview At the end of every interview, there are always some "off the cuff" comments that are recorded after the conversation is officially over. These "behind the scenes" segments are always edited out of the official interviews, but often contain some wonderful insight, personality, or stories.

Special Interviews From time to time, we interview people like the Mary Virginia Swanson, Stephen Perloff, or Bill Jay — talented individuals who offer more to photography than their photographic skills. Writers, thinkers, movers-and-shakers, these special interviews are available for download from LensWork Online.


Print Edition

Four to six photographers showcased in print edition issue Anthology style, with portfolios like little "books within a book" Non-technical and non-academic Emphasis on the creative aspects of photography Beyond cameras and equipment, beyond film and chemistry, beyond pixels and technology lie the mysteries of the creative life shared by those who strive to communicate and express themselves clearly — fine art photographers, commercial photographers, amateurs and professionals. Spectacular printing Museum-book quality Just like the finest hardbound fine art books, LensWork is printed in full color and duotone, which has deeper blacks, richer tonality, and can reproduce warm hues that more closely match warm-tone original prints. Content and only content A magazine without advertising? The entire content of LensWork is a generous helping of insight, wisdom, experience, inspiration, motivation, examples, and a connection to other photographers who are pursuing the creative path like you. Award-winning Unsurpassed quality Better printing than many hardbound books LensWork has won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin award the "Oscar" of the printing industry an unprecidented five times!


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